Sable's Story Sable's Story

It was quite a week! On a Sunday morning we had rescued Fanny, a cat who had lost her tail when she got caught in the fan belt of a vehicle. That following Tuesday morning we got another call about the same sort of accident, only Sable was in worse shape.

We rushed Sable to the vet where she received numerous stitches across her chest and was put in a shoulder to paw cast. She still has a lot of recovery ahead of her, and her leg may eventually have to be amputated. But that’s not all of Sable’s story: she is also very pregnant and will likely give birth to kittens while still in a cast.

Update: Sable and her kittens have all found loving homes. Sable still has a limp, but gets around fine. She lives with a former foster, Bobbie, who was a three-legged feral cat. The two have bonded with each other and their human mommy.