Working Together for the Animals

We’re all aware of the tremendous problem of homeless animals in our country but often frustrated by its overwhelming nature. Animal organizations that have made a serious difference share a common denominator-working together. Working with other animal groups is the only way to realistically combat the difficult problems facing us. Forming a workable plan on a community level is the first step toward developing the same nationally. All of us who champion the cause of our animal friends must find ways to cooperate within a larger framework.

Holly’s Place is working to increase community awareness, bring pro-animal groups together, and find solutions. We will do it locally, regionally, and nationwide through networking, organizing workshops and seminars, and helping local shelters. We are here to offer ideas, support, and a sense of structure to those who might feel isolated in their work for the animals.

The task ahead is too large and daunting for any single organization to effectively combat. We all must find ways to utilize our strengths and minimize our weaknesses. The common theme must be cooperation. When confronted with a particular problem, we should ask ‘how we can solve this together?’

We also recognize perhaps the most critical link in animal work—the individual donor and volunteer. Without the participation of countless folks who keep us moving forward with donations, volunteer hours, or foster homes, we cannot succeed in creating a society where all animals are treated with kindness, and all have good homes. Thank you. Together, we can succeed.