Mission Statement for Holly’s Place, Inc.

Holly’s Place is formed to:

1) rescue special needs cats and dogs primarily from shelters and
a) encourage a foster care network for these and other animals in need;
b) re-home animals in a permanent adoptive family environment when possible;
c) maintain a spay/neuter policy for all Holly’s Place animals, unless deemed a health risk by a veterinarian.2) maintain a spay/neuter assistance fund, including a trap/release program for feral cats
3) serve as an outreach and networking resource center focusing on:
a) Education: organizing and presenting regional seminars, conferences, and workshops
b) Information: disseminating resource materials including brochures, booklets, web site guides, CD’s, and videos
c) Exploration: finding ways to bring grassroots rescue groups, humane societies, and individual rescuers together to work toward common goals

Holly’s place will humanely euthanize animals only in cases of failed health, extreme pain, or when other health/behavioral issues make it impossible for an animal to enjoy a reasonable quality of life. Holly’s Place shall never euthanize animals to control population.

It is the duty and obligation of all Holly’s Place Committee Chairs and Employees to uphold this mission statement.