Pete - A Real Hunk of Love Pete - A Real Hunk of Love

The car stopped, half-way pulled over, and dropped Pete off by the side of the road. Luckily for him, the person who saw this stopped to help. He was covered in mange & extremely confused & uncomfortable when he came here that first night. We had never seen a dog so depressed as Pete was. He didn’t resist walking on the leash, but he followed, head down, tail tucked, as if to say “I don’t even care what you are going to do with me now.”

After several dips, he still had not completely recovered because the mange had been so bad that he also developed a staph infection. Once recovered, he still had only patchy fur. But even looking like this, he stole hearts at adoption day and found a wonderful home.

We have run into his new guardians since then, and when we asked about Pete, they pulled pictures of him on the couch out of their wallets! Pete is absolutely loved and is no longer the least bit depressed.