Aunt BeaSometimes foster dogs just stay. Such is the case of our friend, Aunt Bea, a very large and very old chocolate lab mix, who has outlived our expectations by at least two years. Aunt Bea’s position here is that of everyone’s favorite great-aunt. She’s the final authority figure among the dogs here, protecting the small ones and helping the others adjust to life in their foster home. Aunt Bea is paid back in kindness and love from the other dogs who show their appreciation by bathing her face and snuggling up with her whenever they can. We are all lucky to have her.

Big Boy is a cool boyBig Boy was brought to a local shelter as a stray, but it’s obvious that he was someone’s dog once upon a time. At 8-10 years of age, Big Boy now has a new lease on life. He’s waiting for a permanent home while enjoying every day with his new foster family. Big Boy loves playing fetch and other games with his two young friends when they come home from school. If you would like to open your home to an older dog, please contact Holly’s Place or visit your local shelter. There are many wonderful older dogs waiting to share their love and wisdom with new human friends.

Another of our great senior dogs is a thirteen year-old poodle named Pumpkin. Although she is almost totally blind, Pumpkin has a real zest for life. She came to Holly’s as one of the special needs dogs who pass through on a fairly regular basis. She just needed a chance that few old dogs have once they land in shelters.

Pumpkin is sweet as pieWell, we gave Pumpkin a chance, and she made the most of it by winning hearts and casting her spell. This little blind girl followed her first foster parents everywhere around the house because she just wanted to be with human friends. Now, her dream has come true, and she sleeps blissfully with Diane every night in her new forever home.

UPDATES: Aunt Bea is still here, having her ups and downs, but as long as she has that sparkle in her eye and does the Bea Dance, we know she still has a high quality of life. Pumpkin still lives with Diane, only in Florida now. And Big Boy found a home on a farm and has two kids of his own to play fetch with.