Hollis: Another Miracle Dog Hollis: Another Miracle Dog

Saturday, February 15th, much of central KY was hit with an ice storm that paralyzed the region for days. By Tuesday, the ice still had not melted and many people were without power. It was lucky for Hollis that school had been called off.

Children who were out sledding that day happened upon a large dog laying half-way in a creek, apparently unable to move, malnourished, and dehydrated. They carried him back to their farm on their sled and their parents made a warm place for Hollis in the barn.

When we got there we found him wet and shivering, unable to move. We rushed him to our vet for x-rays and found that there was a gap in his spine causing paralysis of his back legs and tail. The x-ray also showed that he had been shot. The extent of muscle atrophy told us that he had lain in this state for at least a week, through all the rain and sleet and ice.

We carried him home and began physical therapy on his legs. Later we began to towel-walk him. On day six, we helped him to his feet and he was able to stand alone. But we were shocked when he shakily began to walk across the room! Hollis continues to improve. Although he will probably never be 100%, he can get around on his own.

Update: Hollis has a great home of his own with two humans and one other dog companion.