Help for Henry County - Chance and Vic Help for Henry County - Chance and Vic

When Victoria King, Holly’s Place president, viewed the horrific images of shelter dogs in Henry Co. being cruelly shot, she was horrified. But moments later, she went into action and met the problem head on. It was time to mobilize. Victoria called the county judge executive, the Kentucky Department of Agriculture, television stations in Louisville and Lexington, and over 80 animal rescuers.

Holly’s Place and a contingent of other groups and animal activists next appeared at the Henry County fiscal court meeting. Under serious pressure, and under the powerful scrutiny of the media, the Henry Co. dogs received a reprieve—the court ruled that dogs would not be shot for a period of two months.

Immediately, Holly’s Place and other rescue groups began removing dogs from the terrible conditions at Henry Co. shelter. The story also received national attention when it aired on NBC’s Today Show, but the real story had only begun.

Henry Co. citizens, many in tears, clearly disturbed by what had been happening in their county, asked for help. A plan was put into their hands, and a humane organization was formed to end horrific treatment of homeless dogs in Henry Co. once and for all. This work in progress is another example of how working together can make good things happen. The spirit of cooperation is alive and well and helping the dogs of Henry County.

Holly’s Place would like to thank Woodstock, Shamrock, shelters from Lawrenceburg, Louisville, and Shelbyville, and many individual rescuers who made this success story possible.

Update: Chance, the dog pictured above, is in a great home in Lexington with two other dogs.