Hannah Gets Stuck in TrafficWhat’s wrong with this picture? A cat sitting in the middle of five lanes of traffic at a major intersection on Hwy 127 in Lawrenceburg. And no, she wasn’t in the median. Hannah was sitting in the left-hand turn lane!

Thankfully a woman in a van noticed the situation and pulled up next to Hannah. When she opened her door, Hannah ran under the vehicle. We arrived on the scene in time to see Hannah scurrying under the van. By the time we were able to pull over and run across Hwy 127 another woman had gotten out of her car and crawled under the van to get Hannah.

Hannah Gets Stuck in TrafficThinking she would be frightened and panicked, we were prepared to hold on tightly and be scratched to pieces. But she still didn’t seem to recognize the danger she was in. We ran back across the lanes of traffic, a calm Hannah safely in tow.

This whole event unfolded so quickly that Hannah didn’t get the names of the first two good Samaritans who came to her aid. Hannah would like them to know that she is safe, happy, and comfortably awaiting adoption at Holly’s Place. Whoever you are, leg rubs and purrs to you both!

Update: Hannah found a wonderful home where she was immediately spoiled with new cat furniture and cat necklaces!