We receive a lot of phone calls from people who want to adopt small dogs. Generally, we do not have many small dogs in our program for one simple reason-they get adopted out of shelters very quickly and do not need our help as often. It is the large breeds who get turned in once puppy-hood is over, and it is the large breeds who wait and wait for loving homes that never come.

Most of the people who call, looking to adopt a small dog, have children and want a housedog who is good with kids. Most of them have done little or no research on small breeds and just assume that smaller is gentler. Not true!

Myth: Large dogs are more likely to accidentally hurt a child. Unless the dog has a jumping problem, this is just not true. Actually, small dogs tend to be more anxious and are less likely to tolerate children than most larger breeds.

Myth: Large breeds are just too big to be housedogs. Many large breeds are calm, cool, and collected. You’d be surprised how little space a calm dog seems to take up compared to any breed that is high-strung.

Some people are better suited to small dogs, and others to large dogs. We believe that matching the right dog to the right people is very important for all involved, as it is a lifetime commitment. When looking for a companion animal, it is best to describe the kind of behavior, the kind of personality, you are seeking in a dog or cat, rather than a physical description.

The most successful matches are usually those with people who have started by describing personality traits rather than size or appearance.