Eugene is an older gentleman we rescued from death row at another sanctuary. His family claimed they couldn’t take him with them when they moved, so they took him to the local shelter.

After having Eugene in my home for a few days, I noticed him scoot his rear end across my carpet after using the litter box. I then realized my carpet needed a shampooing and that Eugene needed to see the vet. As sometimes happens, especially with older cats, his anal glands had become clogged and were causing him discomfort. The vet expressed the glands and this solved Eugene’s and my problem. I now suspect his scooting behavior may have played into the decision for his family to give him up after having had him 7 years.

Dogs and cats will scoot on carpets and rugs for two reasons: clogged anal glands and worms. Either way, they need to see a vet, and both problems are easily solved.

© Victoria King