Does Your Dog Need a Friend?

Is yours a one dog home? In most cases it’s a great idea for your single dog to have a dog buddy. In some homes a lone dog may have imprinted so heavily on humans that problems could arise, but even those can usually be worked out.

If, like a number of people, you worry that your dog isn’t as happy as he could be, the buddy system could be just what the doctor ordered. A new buddy offers great benefits for your dog (and those you rescue!). Lonely, bored dogs simply don’t do very well and frequently get into trouble for undesirable behavior like digging, chewing, or continuous barking.

There are benefits for you, too. Happy dogs at play will make you smile, and it’s the first step in establishing the natural order of the pack. Many people miss out on this wonderful aspect of living with and around dogs…the joy of the pack. The fascinating world of pack behavior…the hierarchy, specific role playing, communication techniques, and the bonds that develop between pack members…are nothing but fun to watch.

The pack offers dogs a chance to emulate their wolf ancestors. Alpha males and females rise to the top of this social equation while other fall in line. Dogs will honor the system, although some squabbles may erupt as the order is being established.

Adopt only as many dogs as you can care for. Start with a buddy for your buddy and as time and money allow, consider establishing your own little pack with rescued dogs. Just remember, you’ll be part of the pack, too.

© Stan Petrey