Colton deserves some props if only because the old dude turned 19 this year! When he first came to us, he had such terrible chronic mouth issues, that they could have led to infection throughout the body, and his demise. (Yes, dental and mouth issues can be that serious! So if you have a cat or a dog with bad breath, definitely get it checked out.) Fortunately, we got that cleared up, and he’s really been living high on the hog since becoming an indoor cat. As the oldest in our foster crew, he commands a bit of respect. When he wants a midnight snack and we put a bowl out for him, the others sit a respectful distance back and let him eat first.

His favorite part about being an indoor cat vs. being a street cat has always been the existence of cushions! Now that he has arthritis and doesn’t like to jump on the couch as much, we’ve provided the most plush of cushioned beds we can find for his convenience on the floor. Last year his arthritis got quite a bit worse and he started limping, so we started him on medication, and we now find him once again up on chairs and no longer limping. 

The older he gets, the more attention he wants. He regularly asks to be groomed and petted. And he really is a favorite among the other cats. Everybody loves Colton. Everybody seems to head-butt him at least once a day. And he is rarely alone in a cat bed. Somebody is always either in the cat bed with him or snuggled up near him. He is living out his final years surrounded by love.