Angels AboveIn June, we received an unusual rescue call. According to the caller, kittens had been born in the rafters of their garage without their knowledge—that is, until two of them fell and all began crying. The two who had fallen seemed injured, unable to move. By the time we got there, the owners of the garage had managed to rescue a third one without incident, but could not find the fourth one.

The trouble was, we could hear the fourth one crying, but it had somehow become lodged in the wall of the garage and could not be reached. We were panicking at this point, not knowing how to reach the distressed kitten.

Finally, when we felt we knew its exact location within the wall, we asked permission to start removing siding. The Baileys agreed without hesitation. The first piece of siding I pulled away revealed a little round orange tabby face. Frantically, the kitten began mewing even louder. In a matter of seconds, the little Manx was being cradled and fawned over.

The mother cat had disappeared and the kittens appeared to be 4-6 weeks old. Thankfully, the two who had fallen seemed to have just been stunned and recovered within hours. Bottle fed, they were sent into foster care where their foster mom Connie fell in love and adopted them. The other two Manx kittens are still available for adoption, including the one that was trapped. Can you give them a safe, indoor home?

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