Adoptable Pets

Button is cute as a button! He really is. He’s actually turned out to be kind of a big boy. He’s a gorgeous ticked brown tabby with a really bushy tail for a short-haired kitty. It takes a minute for him to trust a new person, but once he does, he’s a lap-cat, AND a playful guy. He’s also a talker. He showed up at one of our Lawrenceburg cat colonies one day talking up a storm. He was tame, so we think he was dumped. He obviously didn’t belong there. If you are looking for a companion who pays attention to you, talks to you, snuggles, and plays, Button is the one! Oh, and he also really loves a good belly rub.   button2 button2
Dolly is probably about 6 or 7 years old and is front declawed. She is a  long haired black kitty with huge eyes who loves attention and purrs a lot. The problem is that she needs to be an only cat or have her own separate area away from other cats. She’s just very intimidated by them. She also requires regular brushing because she’s a bit lazy. But she’s a real sweetheart, so she’s worth it, plus she generally enjoys being groomed. She has one other issue. She either needs two litter boxes scooped daily or you need to keep newspaper in front of one box. While she always uses the litter box to pee in, if you only have one box, she will do number 2 in front of the box. We don’t know why – we cannot figure it out, but this is how we work around it. It’s really not bad – we just do the newspaper and throw it out and change it daily. dollydolly3
Joey is a large white cat with tabby spots on head, ears and tail who is an absolute sweetheart! Joey’s major selling point is this: if you are looking to add to a household that already has cats or dogs, he’s the one. He gets along well with other cats and dogs, and takes a more passive role. He is never pushy, and will automatically take the lower spot in the crowd, which is helpful if you already have a “top cat.” While Joey is not a lap cat, he likes to sit right next to you on the couch, but is not pushy. He is a very big boy – not fat – just has a tall and long body structure. He’s a pretty quiet guy, and you won’t even realize he’s next to you on the couch until you reach for the remote and find a big white fluffy guy instead. Also, if you are one of those people who do NOT like “talkers,” Joey is not a talker (while Button most definitely IS). He likes to play if you have an interactive toy.  But he’s basically just a very chill dude.  joey
Nicky is a tabby kitty from the Clean Slate hoarding situation in Adair Co. He has a neurological condition called an intention tremor where he begins to quiver when he starts to move, but does not while at rest. BUT Nicky quickly mastered all things in the cat room and then the house, and can get around on the various cat furniture and cat trees, couches, etc. He basically functions normally. It just takes him a little longer to do things sometimes. He is very sweet and loves to snuggle, but he has clearly been abused. So he has to be approached either on his level or you have to call him to you. If you approach him from above, he might get scared. So if he is on the floor and you want him to come to you, you have to sit on the floor and he will come right to your lap. If you are on the couch and you want him to come to the couch with you, you just call his name like you are calling a puppy, and he will come and snuggle. So the only real difference between him and other cats in this regard is that you can’t just go pick him him when you want to hold him – you have to call him to you.   nicky2Nicky
Willie has come a long way since found lying in a back yard in Frankfort starving and dehydrated. He is a bit shy with new people, but once he trusts you, he will hop up on the couch to sit with you at night. He is shy and passive cat. He needs patient people, though, and probably no children. He also loves other cats and dogs. He’s a little on the older side at this point, but he would still make a wonderful companion. He’s a very, very sweet boy, and he also has the most amazing amber eyes I’ve ever seen on a cat!   willie2Willie
Skittles had been hit by a car in Lawrenceburg and was initially paralyzed. We worked with her, doing physical therapy, and eventually she was able to walk – and run – again. Even while she was recovering and could not move her back end, she wanted to play, and we would hold toys up and let her play with her front paws. Once she recovered, we discovered she is a very active girl. Now, you can kind of tell by the way she moves that she had an injury, but it doesn’t seem to bother her. She is both playful and loving. She gets along with both cats and dogs. She loves to snuggle with humans and cats, and she ADORES dogs. She actually likes to play really rough with dogs. And she likes to tuck herself under blankets and into bags. On the side where she was hit by the car, the fur grew back in white, in the shape of a wing, where she almost got her angel’s wings. Instead, she became a little miracle who stayed on earth.  skittlesskittles
 Blue is a very sweet kitty who gets along with other cats, but does not necessarily want to hang out with them or snuggle them. She also gets along with dogs, although again, she’s not buddies with them. She’s a people-cat, and very much so. She will follow you around and wants to be loved on all the time. This is a girl who will sleep with you, greet you at the door, etc. She does have issues of getting on the table and counters and does not seem to learn from the spray bottle or clapping – just seems to get her feelings hurt and never seems to "get it." She may not be very smart when it comes to learning things. But she does have a very big heart. So if someone is interested in adopting her, they REALLY would have to be ok with the fact that she IS going to get on the table and things like that and never learn – because I don’t think she will change, and she sees any correction as meanness and seems to feel truly hurt by it. So don’t ask about her just because she’s beautiful and you want a cat who looks like a Russian Blue if you are not willing to accept her flaws in exchange for an EXTREMELY loving cat. ONLY INQUIRE IF you are willing to accept these flaws please.  Blue & milly blue4
Stallone was found hit by a car in Lawrenceburg, and one of his back legs was shattered. Eventually, that healed. But he was left with other issues from the impact of the car – chronic liver failure. For this issue, he is on medication and requires regular blood work to be sure his liver is still functioning. He is healthy and happy, but the problem is that the vets cannot tell us how long he can live this way. As of his last check up, his liver numbers were completely under control and within normal range with the medication. But there is no way for us to know how long that will last, and we have to be upfront about that. He is an extremely sweet cat who gets along with other cats and he loves dogs.  11080908_10206486762668267_4033830500787259853_n stallone
Leo is a solid black, short haired senior male. He’s a little shy at first, but once he warms up to you (it took him about 2 days with us), he’s really a lover. You do have to call Leo to you to let him know you want him to come sit with you for some reason. He thinks he needs to be invited for some reason. Leo does get a very inexpensive injection (extremely easy to give at home) ever two months for a minor asthma issue.   leo
Cleo was at one of our Lawrenceburg feral cat colonies and had to be pulled in for a couple of reasons. The main one was that we were alerted by a regular walker at the park that Cleo was approaching people walking dogs on a regular basis, and that he felt she was in danger (his dog, for instance, would attack a cat). The problem was, Cleo loved dogs. She didn’t entirely trust people, but she thought dogs were all awesome. Since she lived at a park where people walked their dogs regularly, this put her in danger on a regular basis. Cleo has come to trust us to a degree, but is still very shy. So her ideal home would be one with a patient human, at least one cat-friendly dog, and other cats, because she loves other animals and that is the only way she’s going to feel comfortable. A home with only humans would probably not be a comfortable place for her. She is extremely sweet and gets along with everyone.  cleo3 cleo2
Little One was rescued from a Lawrenceburg trailer park where over 75 cats were roaming. We trapped, neutered, and released over 50. But Little One had so many scars on her body and was so small, that we feared she wouldn’t make it we released her. She was clearly getting beat up. We have made some progress gaining her trust, but she is still semi-feral. She needs a patient home with other cats. She LOVES other kitties and needs a buddy. She also likes dogs.  Little One
Squeak is a very sweet cat who is mostly white with black spots on his head and a black tail. He is a smaller cat for a male. And as his name suggests, he has a ‘squeaky’ little voice. He is sweet, loving, and playful. Gets along fabulously with other cats. We are currently listing him as ‘special needs’ because he has cataracts already, as well as ‘tipping lenses’ – which means that eventually he may lose his sight.Cats and dogs both get along very well without sight in our experience, so it’s nothing to be fearful of. We don’t know for sure that Squeak will ever go completely blind, and we have no idea if it does happen, if it will be one year from now or ten years from now. He began life at a hoarder’s house, though, and this sweet boy deserves a safe loving home of his own someday. UPDATE: 07/16/12 Squeak is blind in one eye now, but like stated above, it doesn’t slow him down a bit!  squeak
Mimi is a sweetheart of a kitty that showed up at one of our feral cat colonies. Obviously not feral, this girl would wait anxiously for us to appear with food, and always giving us a thank you in return. At the time, we did not have the ability to bring her into the program, but thankfully, we were able to. Mimi is about 2-3 years old and gets along with other cats, dogs, and older children. She does seem to be more of a “guy’s cat,” as she trusts and loves her foster dad more than her foster mom, but if desperate, she will ask her foster mom for attention, too! She is a sweetie who deserves a forever home and knows that she will never have to face the harsh outside world again!  mimi (2) mimi
Rue is a very sweet older girl found sick and malnourished in Lawrenceburg. This poor girl has had a rough life until we found her. Now a pampered lady, Rue is very affectionate and sweet. She is also a polydactyl, or ‘Hemmingway’ cat, which means she has an extra toe on her front feet. Rue has occasional mouth ulcers which require an inexpensive shot every six weeks to keep under control  rue
Fanny had been caught in the fan belt of a car. When we got the call about her injury, her tail was barely attached. When we picked her up, it fell off on it’s own and she had wounds on her sides. The vet determined that her sides would heal on their own, but she needed surgery where her tail was cut off. It took a couple of surgeries to get it right, but she finally recovered. She is strikingly beautiful and has that typical tortoise shell attitude. She does not like to be held, but she does like attention and likes to sleep with you. She does take daily medication as well, and is now in her senior years.  fanny 2
Silver is one of our senior kitties who started out as feral. When her Lawrenceburg colony location was being bulldozed, we had to pull her in. We were going to relocate her to a barn, but while trying to find a place, she started to get tame. She is now tame, but she also has developed some health issues. She has some food allergies which cause irritable bowel, so she requires a special diet and medication to keep her on track. She also has some ear irritation from her allergies. We are still in the process of working out her treatment plan, so she is on hold until we are certain her issues are completely under control.  silly goodCo
Colton is one of our old, old guys. He is 19 at this point, and is still trucking along. He has a little bit of arthritis, which we manage with medication, but otherwise he is in pretty good health. He had been a tame stray once, but had “gone feral” after being taken to the vet by a good samaritan to have a bad ear treated and to be neutered.  colton2 Colton
Cash is one of our FIV boys who was in rough shape before he came. He was in Frankfort in the condition you see in the before picture. You can see his amazing transformation. He is a sweet and loving guy who just really wants attention and would love a home of his own.




 cash before

Sammy is a LARGE, loving tabby who is FIV positive. He is a lover. He’s huge, but loves to be on your lap. He’s fine with most other cats, but probably should be with other FIV cats, because we have known him to dislike one cat here (another FIV positive cat). He gets along fine with other dogs.  Sammy2
Dougal is a former feral who is FIV positive. He has a lot of scars on his head, from years spent outside battling for survival (although he is not a fighter himself – he is a lover). He is skittish with new people, but is ultimately a lap cat with the people he now trusts. He went through quite an ordeal. Part of his leg was missing for about 10 days before we were made aware of him, due to some sort of attack by another animal. When we finally saw him and trapped him, our hearts hurt, thinking of what he went through for so long without any help. Our vet Aaron Goodpaster did an amazing job handling this scared boy and getting him the care he needed immediately. He has only 3 legs now, but he gets around well. He loves having other cats to snuggle with. Dougal is the ultimate example of knowing we’ve made a difference. He doesn’t know or care that he has scars all over his head that will never go away. He is healthy in every other aspect, and just so happy every day, enjoying life so much. His rescue was worth it, for him and for us.  dougal
Nate is one of our feline leukemia positive cats, who could go to a home with other positive cats. He also has a neurological issue, and was found in the Lawrenceburg trailer park walking off-kilter, but getting by pretty well considering. He is very sweet with humans, dogs, and other cats.  Nate
Isaak is another feline leukemia positive kitty. He is semi feral, but he is coming around to us. He adores Nate, and Nate adores him, so they keep each other company.  isaak

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