Hollis: Another Miracle Dog

Hollis: Another Miracle Dog Hollis: Another Miracle Dog

Saturday, February 15th, much of central KY was hit with an ice storm that paralyzed the region for days. By Tuesday, the ice still had not melted and many people were without power. It was lucky for Hollis that school had been called off. Continue reading

Gunner’s Miracle

Gunner's Miracle Gunner's Miracle Gunner's Miracle
Gunner kisses Sam, his blood donor dog; Gunner plays with Forrest, another 3-legged pitbull; Gunner after surgery

Gunner’s second year on this earth ended far better than it began. Not long ago, this sweet Pit Bull was cruelly shot in the chest and left to die. A local shelter took Gunner in but planned to euthanize him because: 1) Gunner was a pit bull. 2) Lack of space at the shelter. 3) High medical costs. But Gunner hit the lottery when Melanie Aitken became involved. For the next several weeks, Melanie worked tirelessly with volunteers and board members from Holly’s Place to save Gunners’ life. Continue reading

Lacy J.: A Feline Survival Story


Before (right side)




Before (left side)

This sometimes happens in rescue–you look at an animal and just aren’t sure what’s happened to him/her. When we first got the call on Lacy J. we thought she had been hit by a car. When we picked her up and took her to the vet, we initially thought she must have been attacked by a large animal. Then the vet took a look, and he said she probably got caught in the fan belt of a car. And, he said, he couldn’t believe she was alive. Continue reading

Tess and the Four Little Orphans

orphan tessheaven orphan3

Lizzie, a pregnant feral cat in a colony threatened with poisoning, was brought to Holly’s Place because she needed a safe home to have her kittens. She gave birth to four healthy babies just as we learned of four orphaned kittens in need of a nursing mother. We gave these four to Lizzie, and although we supplemented with milk replacer, eight kittens needed more than Lizzie’s system could deliver. So, we continued to search for another lactating female. Little did we know that help was already at Holly’s Place. Continue reading

Detroit, MI Students Spend Spring Break with us

Detroit, MI Students Spend Spring Break with usThey arrived in a van the first Monday morning of spring break. There were nine of them in all, college students from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan. They ranged from freshmen to seniors, education majors to pre-med students. The one thing they all had in common was this: they all love animals and were giving up their spring break to come to Kentucky and volunteer through Holly’s Place. These students spent all year fundraising to finance the trip to Kentucky. Continue reading

Elby the kitten & Lady the dog

Elby the cat & Lady the dog Elby the cat & Lady the dog

In August of 2002 someone callously dropped a very young kitten outside the local shelter. Elby was not yet weaned and needed to be bottle-fed. We took Elby into foster care and although we have to do the hand-feeding, it is Lady who is the primary caretaker. Continue reading

Dodging the Bullet

Dodging the BulletAs rescuers began to provide food, water, and medical care for the neglected Henry Co. dogs, one little hairless dog huddled in the corner of her cage. The pathetic little dog brought tears to the eyes of those trying to help her. She was taken to a veterinarian and received nearly around-the-clock care from volunteers. After a week of gentle help, Olivia began to show signs of trust and thrilled us by initiating contact with her new human friends. Her healing journey now continues in foster care. Olivia is further proof that, given enough time, love, and understanding, dogs can come back from even the worst circumstances.

Update: Olivia’s foster mom could not part with her and she is in a permanent home in Elizabethtown.

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